L’ECHANGEUR is a production company based in Paris whose activity is mainly dedicated to the production of documentary films in Île-de-France (region of Paris) and West Africa. Conceived as a demanding and equitable form of production between Europe and Africa, L’ECHANGEUR sees itself as an independent audiovisual and cinematographic production that evolves and adapts to the artistic and economic environment of the projects developed.

L’ECHANGEUR has produced, co-produced or distributed a dozen of films and accompanies the projects of authors whose work questions the transformations of contemporary Africa, its socio-economic stakes and its political challenge.

Background (in french)

Julien Fiorentino is artistic director and producer for documentary projects developed by L’Echangeur.

Julien is the main architect of the documentary production component of L’Echangeur, launched in 2015. He has learned alongside Jean-Christophe Soulageon, manager of Les Films Sauvages who produced his first film. In 2015, he benefited from the program Fondamentaux de la production of the École documentaire in Lussas. He also engaged two co-productions between France and Mali and distributed the films that were made within the program. He then started to develop further his work as producer by developing the filmography of L’ECHANGEUR.

Contact production:
Head office: 90 Rue Victor Hugo – 93170 Bagnolet (France)
Working space: Villa Belleville, 23 Rue Ramponeau – 75020 PARIS
@: lechangeur@gmail.com