A full length documentary film directed by Abdoul Lahat FALL


La Maison du Peuple en Colère is an immersive experience into the headquarters of FRAPP, a social movement in Dakar that serves as a place of experimentation, transmission and political emancipation for Senegalese youth.


Abdou Lahat FALL studied directing at the ISIS Film-School in Ouagadougou where he obtained his degree in film making. He has worked as an assistant director with Moussa Sene Absa, Mansour Sora Wade, Ben Diogaye Beye, Alain Gomis, Dyana Gaye… In 2018, he directed his first film,  »Migrants, migrer : le retour impossible » (Migrants, migration: the impossible return). He won the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize at the Faitodoc Festival in Italy and the First Documentary Prize at the Image and Life Festival in Dakar. The project “The House of an angry people » (ex-Republic, Oil, Revolution) is his first full length documentary film.

OIF Francophony development support

SENTOO residence training program

Produire au Sud workshop, 3 Continents Film Festival

A documentary film produced by Sine Films (Senegal) & L’Echangeur

Contact : lechangeur@gmail.com