In the 1960’s, during the war of independence of Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau, my traditional Czech knitted beanie-hat could be seen on the heads of Amílcar Cabral and his soldiers. Le pouvoir des mailles (« Beyond a knit cap ») is a journey in search of the origins and meaning of such a mysterious appropriation. The beanie emerges in different contexts, territories, cultures and becomes a prism through which to observe the world and its struggles.


Violette Deffontaines

After obtaining a master’s degree in urban planning in Paris (La Sorbonne), Violette studied documentary filmmaking in Prague (FAMU). Living in Prague, she continues to work on various creative projects between Paris, Marseille and Prague: she explores the potential of audiovisual tools as collaborative tools to understand territories through the eyes of their inhabitants.


Current state: development

Scenario & direction: Violette Deffontaines

Writing support by Ile-de-France (Paris) Region

Development support by Czech and Slovak national funds

Selected to Lussas Rencontres d’Août (France) and Dox in Vitro (Slovakia) workshops 2022

A documentary film produced by L’Echangeur, D1 Film (Czechia) & VirusFilm (Slovakia)

Le Pouvoir des mailles © 2022