A documentary film written and directed by Julien Fiorentino and Stanislas Duhau in collaboration with Chanana Madani Touré
55‘ / 2013 / France

  • Synopsis
    Aminata, Djibril, Djeneba, Hassan, Kadiatou, Madou… They are Bamana, Pular, Tamasheq, Songhai, Malinke, Arab… Boys and girls, young and old, men and women. They are Malians, currently living in Bamako and trying to survive in a country in crisis.While the situation threatens to explode in northern Mali, which seceded from March 2012, the population pays the price of the state’s desintegration and of a dire economic situation. The city holds its breath : the war may break tomorrow.How do they survive in everyday life ? How do they relate to the collapse of their country ? And the north wind blowing so different from the local islamic traditions, how do they feel it ?Welcome to BAMAKO YEAR ZERO…


    *Best documentary 14th Festival Image & Vie, Dakar, Senegal 2014
    *2nd documentary Price, 6th International Baghdad Film festival, Iraq 2014
    *Special mention, 7th Festival de CinéPolitico, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016

    *Selection Images en Bibliothèques, Mois du Film Documentaire 2015
    *International Promotion Support, Unifrance Films 2014
    *Distribution networks ADAV and COLACO
    *Broadcast Canal France International CFI 2014 and CNEX 2015 (China)


    2nd EMFEST Malian Arts Festival, Essonne, France 2019
    6th Festival Internacional de Ciné Politico, FICIP, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016
    6th International Festival of Numeric Cinema, Cotonou, Benin 2016
    Seydou Keita exhibition, Grand Palais, Paris, France 2016
    11th Ciné Droit Libre Festival, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 2015
    5th Écran d’Emmaüs, Paris, France 2015
    4th Mémoire Commune Festival, Nador, Marocco 2015
    12th Bobines Sociales Festival, Paris, France 2015


    34th International Festival of Film d’Amiens (France)
    4th African International Film Festival, Lagos (Nigeria)
    21th Quinzaine of Cinéma Francophone, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris (France)
    6th Baghdad International Film Festival, Bagdad (Iraq)
    8th Terra di Tutti Film Festival, Bologna (Italia)
    10th International Black Film Festival, Toronto (Canada)
    14th Festival Images & vie, Dakar (Senegal)
    6th Festival of Cinéma des Foyers, Paris (France)
    30th Festival Vues d’Afrique, Montreal (Canada) / « coup de coeur » documentary selection
    12th Quintessence: International film festival of Ouidah (Benin)


    Genre : documentary
    Duration : 54’50
    Visa n°137 787 (17th december 2013)
    Shooting Format : HD 16/9 – color / sound stereo
    Screening Format : HD 16/9 – color / sound stereo 5.1 / HD / DVD / Blu-Ray / DCP
    Languages : French, Bambara
    Subtitles : French, English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic
    Cinematography : Julien Fiorentino and Stanislas Duhau
    in collaboration with Chanana Madani Touré
    Original Soundtrack : Madani Touré aka Chanana (Mali)
    Additionnal Soundtrack : Mo DJ (Mali)
    Editing : Stanislas Duhau and Julien Fiorentino
    Sound Designer : Sylvain Buffet
    Sound Mix : Xavier Marsais
    Color correction : Jacky Lefresne
    Translation : Amalia Carrieri
    Translation bambara / french : Madou Coulibaly, Madani Touré
    Traduction songhoï / french : Abdessalam Hama, DJ Fof
    Traduction french / english : Grégoire Seither
    Coproduction : Julien Fiorentino, L’Echangeur & Jean-Christophe Soulageon, Les Films Sauvages

    Bamako année 0 is referred in the catalogue of the Agence du Court Métrage and Unifrance Films.

    A film produced by L’Échangeur in coproduction with Les Films Sauvages

    In collaboration with the Malian association Collectif Yeta

    with the support of Service de coopération et d’action culturelle of French Embassy in Mali,

    Switzerland DDC in Mali and Procirep Angoa.

        • Directors Biofilmography
          Julien Fiorentino, 36 y.o.
          Graduated in History and in Projects management, he coordinated the Malian structure Cinéma Numérique Ambulant in 2008 where he directed and produced several films on advocacy by image (advocacy short films on female genital mutilation for UNICEF N’sere, 6×6′). Back in France, he directed Avenue de la liberté, first documentary film (52′) on the issues of reintegration by culture in the prison of Fresnes (France multicast and festival selections). He directed and produced several documentary projects in West Africa with Stanislas Duhau (25 selections, 6 prizes).
        • Stanislas Duhau, 37 y.o.
          Graduated in modern literature and cinema, he directed several documentary films while working on productions of various formats (collection, short film, clip). In 2006, a mission in the RECFLEA, Network of Centres of Foreign Language French West Africa, led him to work in Togo, Benin, Ghana and Nigeria, where he discovers a documentary approach with african artists and collectives. This work in contact with local realities and issues instills the desire to engage further with local communities, through Africa Dynamo adventure (Morocco, Mauritania – with for instance Nouakchott P.K. 0 18′, 5 Festival Awards -, Senegal, Mali) and Bamako year 0 as a codirector.