A film by Adeline GONIN

Duration : 88′

  • Synopsis
    A 300 sq. feet room in a home for migrant workers in the city of Saint-Denis, France. Boubou lives there with his cousin and two of his brothers.
    Among all these residents, I rediscover the atmosphere of the migrant’s home I used to go to, when I was a little girl. Around a cup of tea or a meal, we share stories and news about the country back home, about work, about the struggles for the rights.
    Boubou has managed to turn his room into a haven of peace in a french society that makes life difficult for migrants. But disheartenment grows day by day…
    If Boubou gives up, who will pursue this space of solidarity ?
    Will the home of my childhood disappear forever?

  • Adeline Gonin , 40 y. o.
    After studying sociology and anthropology in cinema, Adeline Gonin has worked these past years with residents of migrant workers homes. In 2009, she created the « Cinéma des Foyers » Film Festival with the activist and cultural association « Attention Chantier ». In 2011, after releasing her first self-produced short film, she worked with the « Ateliers Varan » Film School where she directed Papa Ben, a portrait of a Parisian ragpicker (2012 – 14′). The documentary was screened at the 2012 FIFE International Student Film Festival. In 2014, she completed her first major film, Barakeden, les petits bonnes de Bamako (2015 – 57′). Distributed by L’ Echangeur, the film was selected by 40 festivals, broadcast by TV5 Monde Afrique and african channels, as well as a national film tour in Bamako and around Mali (20 screenings). Adeline is still leading several video workshops in Paris and Ile-de-France region, as well as at the Nanterre detention center and in the migrant worker’s home of Saint-Denis. She has been working on her documentary feature lenght project In Boubou’s room since 2015.


Lenght : 88′
Shooting format : FHD Color 16/9 – 2.0 & 5.1
Dialogues : French, Soninke
Versions : French, English

Direction : Adeline Gonin
Photography : Adeline Gonin
Sound : Manuel Vidal, Sylvain Buffet
Music : Grégoire Paultre
Editing : Virginie Véricourt
Sound design : Manuel Vidal
Translation : Camara Bandiougou
Production : Julien Fiorentino


• SCAM Writing support 2020
• SACEM Original music creation support 2020
• CNC Production support 2019
• CNC Diversity development support 2017
• Saint-Denis, Support for research 2017
• Scriptwriting Training Residence, supported by Île-de-France Region
in partnership with the National Museum of Immigration History
in Villa Belleville (Paris artistic residence) 2017
• « Rencontres d’août », Etats généraux documentary film festival, Lussas 2016
• « Résidence d’écriture », Documentary Film School, Ardèche Images 2015


A documentary film produced by L’Echangeur

in coproduction with TV Montreuil Est Parisien

with the participation of TV5 Monde Afrique


La Chambre de Boubou © L’Echangeur