Gold or Money
A documentary film project written by Jérôme Poisson directed with Eric Rivot
Expected duration: 60’



  • Synopsis

Ousmane Touré, generally known as DJ Fof, is a gold digger in Mali and dreams of a better life. He runs a small bar with his wife Ami at Baboto, near Didjian. Didjian is a mining town in western Mali that has been flourishing for 20 years thanks to Randgold, a multinational company that operates a large gold mine there.

Randgold’s presence has created a lot of jobs, but also jealousies, and sometimes conflicts between some villagers – who live fairly comfortably from the wealth derived from the mine – and some artisanal gold miners – who also live on the proceeds of gold, but digging at the risk of their lives.

Like many young Malians, DJ had the gold fever. He led a life of hard work and freedom dreaming of the gold vein that would allow him to manage his own nightclub. But like many others, he earns only a few grams of gold per month (about £50 to £75). Rich gold veins are rare, too rare. Ousmane no longer wants to earn gold, but money. He undertakes to get himself hired by Randgold in order to have a fixed salary, and thus improve the living conditions of his wife and three children….

    • Biography
      Jérôme Poisson , 40 years-old
      Jérôme Poisson is a geologist and has worked during several years for various mining companies, particularly on prospecting for gold in West Africa. He lives in Bamako where he founded a geological services company for gold exploration. Having ranged among the diverse gold mines in West Africa, he has been writing and developing since 2016, “L’Or ou l’Argent” (“Gold or Money”), a documentary project on the subject of gold mining in Mali.


Genre : documentaire
Expected duration : 60’
Format : HD colour – stereo
Dialogues : Bambara, Malinké, French, English

Scenario : Jérôme Poisson
Direction : Jérôme Poisson & Eric Rivot
Original music : Moriké Keita MO DJ (Mali)
Production Mali : Mohammed Coulibaly
Production France : Julien Fiorentino

A documentary film project developed by L’Echangeur (France) in co-production with Termites Films (Mali)