• Synopsis

Ousmane, known as « DJ », has settled in Baboto to make a living from traditional gold panning in a gold-zone of southwest Mali. But, near the village, a multinational company is about to open a new industrial mine on the site used by the gold diggers: soon, a fence will prevent the gold diggers from mining their plots. Many people, like Ousmane, are now trying to get hired by the mining company before they loose their gold digging plots. 

Jérôme Poisson (French) is a geologist and has worked during several years for various mining companies, particularly on prospecting for gold in West Africa.  He lived in Bamako for 10 years where he coordinates cartographic and geological studies. Having ranged among the diverse gold mines in West Africa, he has been writing and developing since 2017 Gold or Money, a first documentary film on gold mining and digging in Mali.

Eric Rivot (French-Malian) studied cinema and photography in Louis Lumière High School. Living in Mali since 2005, he has been working in West Africa in collaboration with Souleymane Cissé and the CNCM. In 2011, his first short film Drogba est mort is selected in Clermont-Ferrand and Fespaco, awarded in Barcelona and broadcasted by Arte. In 2015, he directed Action Afrique verte, selected in Montreal, Sydney and special mention in Vues d’Afrique. Gold or Money is his first creative documentary film.



Genre : creative documentary
Duration : 49’46
Format : FHD colour – 2.0 / 5.1
Dialogues : Bamana, Malinke, French
Versions : French, English, Bamana

Original idea & concept : Jérôme Poisson
Scenario & direction : Jérôme Poisson & Eric Rivot
Photography : Eric Rivot, Georges Akeminou
Sound : Bouillagui Touré
Editing : Karine Germain
Sound design : Sylvain Buffet
Original soundtrack : Grégoire Paultre
Translation : Mohamed Wati, Madani Touré
Production Mali : Mohammed Coulibaly
Production France : Julien Fiorentino

A documentary film produced by L’Echangeur (France)

in coproduction with Termites Films (Mali) & Lyon Capitale TV (France)

With the support of Un Monde Par Tous Foundation
With the participation of CNC & The French Institute in Mali (IFM)

Broadcasters in France : Lyon Capitale TV (France)

Broadcasters in Mali : ORTM, Magic Cinema, French Institute in Mali


L’Or ou l’argent © L’Echangeur & Termites Films / Lyon Capitale TV