GAO, resistance of a people

A documentary film by Kassim SANOGO
Duration : 54’



  • Synopsis
    In early 2012, northern Mali is occupied by various armed groups who want to secede from the rest of the country and impose Sharia law.

In Gao, the historic capital of the north, the resistance against the occupation is organized by groups of young people, who undertake to protect their families and liberate the city.

My name is Kassim Sanogo, I am a Malian documentary filmmaker and I invite you to Gao in order to meet Nosby, Rougeo, Oura … the unsung heroes who led this fierce underground struggle.

Biofilmography : Kassim Sanogo, 39 y.o.
After obtaining a Master 1 in Philosophy at the University (Flash) of Bamako, I have participated in a number of writing residencies and documentary filmmaking workshops with Africadoc. I received my Master 2 in documentary filmmaking at the University Gaston Berger of Saint-Louis (first film, « Ça vibre dans nos têtes« , Zaradoc 2009). In 2012, I participated in the Summer university of FEMIS Film school in Paris. I have a long work experience as a coordinator of the « Collectif Jeunes Talents » of UCECAO-Mali, chaired by Mr. Souleymane Cissé (Couleurs arc-en-ciel CIRTEF 2012). In March 2013, I received the Award « Coup de pouce » with honorable mention at the 20th FIGRA Film Festival, in Le Touquet for the film project GAO, resistance of a people. In 2015, my documentary film DONKO (Zaradoc, 2013) received a honorable mention at Africlap Film Festival. In 2015, I have enlisted in a fiction-writing course at ESAV Toulouse.

Genre : documentary
Duration : 54’00
Screening format : DCP // FHD 16/9 – color / 5.1 & 2.0
Dialogues : Songhai, Bambara, French
Subtitles : French, English

Written and directed by Kassim Sanogo (Mali)
Cinematography : Abdellah Coulibaly
Sound : Jean de Dieu Brou
Editing : Aurélie Jourdan
Original soundtrack : Grégoire Paultre
Traditional music : Yehia
Sound design : Sylvain Buffet – Beep & Bleep
Sound mix : Xavier Thibault – Sono Sapiens
Color correction : Alexandre Lelaure – LPM
Production in Gao : Abdoul Salam Hama
Production Mali : Soumaïla Diallo
Production France : Julien Fiorentino

« Coup de pouce » special mention, FIGRA 2013
« Brouillon d’un rêve », SCAM 2017
« Création musicale originale », SACEM 2018

Broadcasting Partners : ORTM (Mali), Lyon Capitale TV, Télé Bocal (France), EZEF (Germany), 2M TV (Morocco), Magic Cinema-Babemba, (Mali)

With the participation of : Institut Français du Mali (IFM), MINUSMA (UN mission in Mali)

With the support of : CNC, Procirep-Angoa, EED, DDC (Swiss Cooperation in Mali)

A documentary film produced by L’Echangeur (France) Premiers Films Productions (Mali)
in coproduction with Lyon Capitale TV & Télé Bocal